Thursday, May 29, 2008

Peanut Butter Mashed Potatoes?

I am seriously craving the "peanut butter mashed potatoes" that the awful Lisa concocted on last night's Top Chef. (Why won't she just get SENT HOME??) The main judges all thought it sounded absurd and I get the impression that it wasn't the best received combination (although the steakhouse guest judge raved about it), but I just CAN'T stop thinking about how great it would be to have a big bowl of warm, creamy peanut butter mashed potatoes. WANT. NOW.

Maybe I just want a big bowl of peanut butter that I'm allowed to eat with a spoon. PB Mashed potatoes are (somewhat) socially acceptable. Eating spoonfuls of Jif is not.


noodle said...

I'm not craving, but I am curious. Sadly, the recipe is not online. Instead, Lisa's shrimp app is. Why?! Why not put the peanut butter mash recipe on instead?!

Agreed- Lisa's 'tude i awful. But Spike's was too, don't you think? It's like, stop blaming everyone else and TRY for once Spike.

Go Stephanie!!!

Also, is it bad that our dinner conversations consist of "who do you think is going to win Top Chef?" That means we need to develop other interests, right???

Kate said...

Maybe Colicchio was just jealous that he didn't come up with the idea first? You definitely need to make these. Socially acceptable peanut butter doesn't come along just anytime, you know.

Mark Newman said...

Hi, I found this in a search for peanut butter mashed potatoes. I just saw the rerun of that Top Chef episode and I am planning to make this side dish Tuesday. Anyone who has already tried it, please shout with advice! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Watched it as well, couldnt see the end! who got sent home, why did that Japanese guy had to go, he was my asian HERO!