Monday, December 3, 2007

How to Eat an Almond Cake in Three Days

A few spoonfuls of (delicious, buttery, almondy, creamy) batter while I made the cake (Amanda Hesser's recipe from Cooking for Mr. Latte).

A slice or two each, for three of us, after it finished baking and cooling as we watched Crossing Delancey.

A slice or so each the next morning to tide us all over before brunch at Miriam.

A slice to snack on before dinner while watching DVRed “Best Week Ever.”

A slice with Fage 2% Greek yogurt for dessert after a simple dinner of tuna sandwiches.

A slice each, with friends, after a dinner of takeout Stage Deli while watching DVRed “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?”


kimberlyand said...

I'll see your almond cake in 3 days and raise you an Entenmann's coffee cake in 2 days. With no outside help.

noodle said...

i think this post should be the start of/inspiration for a new vh1 reality show where we just watch you and jeff'y eat and watch reality tv ... i would SO watch that show.

i request a post where you tell us what you eat for 4 days, like they have celebs do on do it!