Friday, October 19, 2007


It’s pretty cool when your fiancé works at an office with free lunch everyday. Free gourmet lunch. With a various different international themes. And two different cafeterias to choose from. Everyday. And multiple snacks. For free. Yeah. So pretty cool for me, who can visit from time to time, and damn near heavenly for him.

I was able to take a long lunch today and hopped a quick subway ride to this food fantasyland. When offered Spanish or Italian (although there also was Indian and sushi and plain old American, as well), I immediately went for the former, simply because of the promise of chorizo. Chorizo gets me giddy on any menu—it’s second only to merguez in my rank of most-loved proteins. And no, I never called it proteins before Top Chef, but I do now, so nyeh.

The chorizo and onions, paella, and chickpea and cabbage salad were all tasty, and the little tapas platter of marinated mushrooms and artichokes, tortilla, and bread brushed with olive oil was fun (And decadent! I can’t believe people eat lunch like this every day. JEALOUS!), but the best part of the meal was the hunk (or two, ahem) of citrusy flan for dessert. Oh, yes, we also had a raspberry and chocolate bar and some sort of pecan tart, but it was the flan that had us going back for more. I’m usually not a fan—I like the texture and bite of a good piece of cake or a cookie. But this flan was creamy, with a hint of orange throughout that appealed to my orange-loving dessert side. We scooped it up with perfect amaretti cookies that had a crip exterior and a lovely, chewy inside.


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